Value Engineering

Value Engineering
In construction projects, the concept of value engineering allows a contractor to suggest alternatives to materials, equipment, or even designs provided by the design professional that can save the owner money in up-front or long-term maintenance costs.
This is a methodology to arrive at maximizing the performance and minimizing the cost of particular construction options. Walter A. Miller, Inc. understands the importance of this procedure and readily incorporates it into the design review phase to establish cost-saving alternatives while maintaining equivalent high-quality results. Walter A. Miller, Inc. will normally:
* Review design intent and construction cost estimates associated with the design.
* Evaluate line-item costs and associated methodology.
* Offer alternate design and modifications to achieve the Owners original intent for construction
* Determine if the process or approach to particular portions of work are both practical and cost effective. 
This service is of particular value for homeowners who have received a design and the cost to produce their project is above their original budget or expectation.