Stress Happens

Stress Happens
Face it: Remodeling is stressful! The best way to combat it is to prepare. Dr. Frederic Medway, a professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina, recommends you find out what is going to happen during the remodeling project and you sit down as a family to plan ahead.
Discuss what you expect from each member of the family and what everyone’s role and responsibilities will be during the project. It is better if each of you have specific roles during the project so you can approach the remodel as a family partnership.
There are going to be decisions required during the remodeling process, some of which may not be easy. You should have a way to communicate these choices to the rest of the family and come to a relatively speedy conclusion. Remember that everyone in the house will have to deal with the dirt and noise. The project will go more smoothly if they can also take part in the decision process and final result.
The roles and responsibilities should extend to the children. Perhaps they could be responsible for securing the pet away from the construction site and for keeping other children away from the construction site. This will give them a sense of participation in the project.
To achieve maximum stress relief, remember these main rules:
• Know what is expected of you and articulate what you expect of others
• Know what you want and what other family members want
• Realize that there will be compromises along the way and devise a way to minimize them and keep everyone happy
• Choose the right person in the family for each job, regardless of age or role in the family
• Don’t ignore problems or disappointments — talk to someone who can help
• Focus on the positive aspects of the project
• Never forget your goal
• Maintain constant communication with all parties
• Keep a good attitude
• Look at the project as an adventure, not an imposition